First off, you may want to follow these links about an unforeseen consequence of the earning of  ‘money’ online. They lead to BBC News & the short Story ‘Adna’s Game’ from Cory Doctorow’s collection  Overclocked

Secondly, I have just found that I can’t spend more than about 15 minutes moving around Second Life without feeling queasy. If I stick with it, I start getting a headache & feel sick.

I had the same problem years ago, playing “Doom” with me mate’s kids. It gets especially bad when I ‘look around’ 360 degrees, but just walking around eventually builds up to nausea. Sitting very close to the screen brings it on faster.

Apparently, early virtual reality helmets made some people sick too, because the environmental rendering lagged behind their head movements, confusing the vestibular system. Since the only natural reason for this is food poisoning, your body wants to empty your stomach as a precaution, & you feel sick. I suspect I am experiencing the same sort of thing.

Having more than the one conversation I managed to save today may consequently take a while. I will post them here as I go along – please bear with me.